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Our Services
Commercial Roofing
Commercial and Industrial Buildings Financial Institutions, Transportations, Hospital, Schools, Manufacturing, Utilities, & Public Facilities.
Residential Roofing
Single Family Homes and Multi-Unit Residential. A.G Construction specializes in steep and low-slope roof replacement.
Siding & Seamless Guttering
A.G. Construction specializes in the installation of seamless rain gutters, for both commercial and residential roofs. We install high quality gutters, including copper gutters, for your new roof.
Preventative Maintenance
A.G. Construction offers a package of services tailored to fit your needs, making sure your roof is always functioning as it was designed to do. This includes regularly scheduled attention and care to preserve your roof from failure or decline.
A.G. Construction offers waterproofing to meet your needs.
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Roof Replacement - Repairs - Inspections

Roof Replacement:

AG Construction is your locally-owned roofing contractor for roof replacement.

  • Immediate 24-hour storm damage restoration service
  • Work with your insurance provider and are trained to minimize loss
  • We assess your damage and provide free repair estimates
  • Our certified technicians are experienced repairing all types of commercial and residential roof.

No job is too big or too small. We have the flexibility to provide cost-effective solutions for any size roofing repair.


Roof Repairs:

There are many reasons why your roof might leak and you’ll need to call for an emergency service. Just because a roof leak appears in one location inside of the structure, doesn’t mean it came from that location. Water seeks its own level so that if a leak occurs at the top of the roof, it could run down the interior of the structure unexposed long before it shows itself as a puddle on your floor. You need to repair your roof now before it's too late and it has to be replaced. Here are a few reasons your roof is leaking.

Roof Inspections:

Our Roofing Specialists, and Technicians thoroughly inspect the home inside and out. They are trained to seek out anything that is, or could be a problem during the life of the new system or repair being performed. We are thorough because we understand that people do not want to, and cannot afford to pay twice.

Our roof inspections include the following:

  1. Proper shingle overhangs at gutters, and eves.
  2. Measure for, and calculate for proper attic ventilation.
  3. Inspect attic intake vents for blockage.
  4. Interior attic inspection for moisture, or dry rot.
  5. Inspect attic insulation for proper R-Value.
  6. Inspect all storm collars at pipes for proper seal.
  7. Inspect all valleys for cracks, and determination.
  8. Inspect roof for missing shingle granules.
  9. Check gutters, and downspouts for blockage.
  10. Inspect fasten method used from original installation.
  11. Inspect flashings at all walls.
  12. Check for loose shingles.
  13. Inspect seals on shingles to help prevent wind damage.
  14. Inspect all pipe flashings for cracks.
  15. Inspect all Attic vents for holes or cracks detraction.
  16. Inspect all rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot.
  17. Check to see if shingles are curled brittle, or deteriorated.

Our roofing services include:

  • Roof Repair Maintenance
  • Roof Leak Repairs
  • Repair Cracked & Broken Tiles
  • Replace Missing or Damaged Tiles
  • Repair Rotted Fascia Board
  • Loose Tiles Secured
  • Repair Roof Decking
  • Roof Vents Installed
  • Roof Escape Hatches Installed
  • Replace or Install New Skylights
  • Roof Painting & Coating
  • Satisfy Home Inspection Reports


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